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Lanzarote 2000 - Timanfaya National Park

On the "Montnas del Fuego" you can get an impression of the volcanic part of the island. There is the main crater which had its six year eruption from 1730 to 1736.

Timanfaya Timanfaya
This is the view from "El Diabolo", a restaurant built on the hotest spot of the Timanfaya National Park...

Steam Volcano grill
...where 10 m under ground the gas has a temperature of more than 600C. For demonstrations they pour a bucket of water into buried pipes. 2 - 3 seconds later the water returns with a big noise and high energy as steam. The grill works only with the hot gas - no glowing fire!

Crater Timanfaya The virgin
From there you can start exploring the volcanos (only with a guided tour by coach), driving through a narrow winding street.

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