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As you maybe have read on the About page, I live here in Switzerland (neither Swaziland nor Sweden!!!). This summer I spent some time taking some pictures from lookouts. So you may imagine how it looks where I live.

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I invite you to take a look at the pictures grouped in the following sections:

  • Jungfraujoch 'Top of Europe' 3545 m - with a great view of the 'Aletschgletscher'. Also included are some pictures from the ice sculptures. This is a popular spot to visit, specially the Asian tourists like it. The Jungfrau is a part of our famous swiss alpine trio Eiger - Mönch - Jungfrau.
  • Bern - the capitol of Switzerland - pictures with a view over the old part of the town, taken at the lookout of 'Rosengarten', where you find a huge choice of  roses. This place inspired me to...
  • ...create the Bed of roses page...
  • Paragliding from the Niederhorn down to Interlaken - a short report about a pleasant flight
  • Some nice picture from the Swiss Nationalpark and the Kanton Graubünden

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If you are looking for information about Switzerland, you can mail me, I'll try to give you good advice.

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