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Zur deutschen Version geht's hier lang

Releases - Downloads

Download the newest version (~40 seconds with a 56k modem), open it and install it in your game directory. Don't forget to make a shortcut to bantumi.exe on your desktop.

I wish you a lot of fun playing Bantumi!

Bantumi V2.12 download Bantumi V2.12 - May 2004 - english - for Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP (all 32-Bit Windows OS). Bantumi V2.12 is freeware.

bt212eng.exe is a self extracting zip archive file (276 kb). Download the FREE unlimited Bantumi version now!

With Bantumi Applet V1.0 - November 2002 - it's possible to play Batumi online

Disclaimer: Andybell is not liable for any direct or indirect effects of this game. Download and use of it is fully at your own risk.

Game history

Bantumi is derived from a game called "Mancala" that originated in Africa, thousands of years ago. There are many variants of the game, from the number of stones in each tray at the start of the game through to how each of the stone is actually won.

Rules of the game

The objective of the game is to move your stones from the trays at the bottom of the screen into your mancala on the right hand side. The following rules apply to the bantumi game you can download on this page.


Nickname If you enter your Nickname, Mr Bantumi can call you by name! (limited to 10 characters)
Startplayer If you want to open the game, this box should be checked
2-nd player is Mr Bantumi If 'is Mr Bantumi' is unchecked, two players can play (player - player), otherwise (player - machine)
Configuration How many stones will be on start in how many trays?
Game level (player - machine) Take it easy - then try it hard...
Get remaining stones on end (player - player) If you have any more stones to play, you get your opponents stones of his trays (this requires a slightly different strategy!)
Turbo 'running' Speed up the animation
To mancala only when stealing You put your last stone in an empty tray on your side. If the opposite tray is empty, this stone stays in the tray if checked, or goes to the mancala if unchecked.
Sound Listen to the sound and you know what happened... or turn it off

Additional information

Play with different configurtations. Because it's decisive who opens the game, let Mr Bantumi start - and experience the difference...
I don't want to list you links about the game. But if you're interested in more details, search on a search engine on some of the following keywords: bantumi, mancala, rules, history and so on.
Maybe thanks to Nokia the game became more popular after the implementation in their mobile phones 33xx.
If you're on holiday and have no PC or mobile phone with you, you may play this game by collecting mussles, stones and so on and draw the gameboard with the finger in the sand of the beach...

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